Perfumery Foundation Course

Perfumery Foundation Course


Experience a voyage into the world of perfumes, test your sense of smell, and review the whole fragrance process from concept to market product. Smell the key raw materials, understand the fragrance structure, and memorize the various locative families. Explore the sense of smell: physiology of olfaction, olfaction and emotions; the world of perfumery from the perfumer’s formula to manufacturing and distribution; the perfumer’s palette: natural raw materials, molecules, specialties, and reconstitutions; the fragrance composition: profile, structure, perfume families, technical and regulatory aspects; the language of perfumery: analytical and emotional; and the key role of words and spoken expression.

What will Student Learn?

§  The Basics of Perfume

§  Fragrance Families

§  Fragrance Recipes

§  Some recipe of perfume

§  More recipe of perfume

§  Types of perfume

§  How to make perfume

§  Create Your Perfume

§  Perfumery Notes

§   Use essential oils for perfume to improve your emotional and physical well being

§  The perfumer technique

§  Fragrance bases

§  Reverse engineering

§  The Manufacturing Process

§  Aroma chemicals

§  The basic structure of fragrances

§  The difference between fragrance oils & essential oils in soap

§  Soap making basics

§  Aromatherapy- Techniques