What’s United Kingdom Training Board ?

The UK Training Board is a deep-rooted and experienced body for the training and testing, UK-TB is registered in England and Wales and is under the supervision of UK bodies, please visit: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09475050

 The UK Training Board awards approval for both individual trainers and training institutes, providing them with a worldwide network. Our team consists of expert trainers and consultants to provide the highest quality of training, while also considering the future needs of employees in relation to the UK-TB competency model .

In partnership with other international bodies, UK-TB has now created more than 1800 courses, which are available to trainees as Training Programs. These programs are to the highest standard in Europe, Africa and Asia and are designed to effectively assist trainees before and during their work.

UK-TB has also released a range of online training courses so you can avail of the latest training materials without having to attend a campus or classroom. Specialized courses are available for Trainees, Trainers, Institutes and Training Centers and are available worldwide in our electronic library. Please visit our website uk-tb.com for access.

UK-TB is currently the only international body offering online conferences, seminars and workshops to assist participants and offer solutions to occurring issues.

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