Skin Care Expert Level- 1

This course will fully prepare you for a skincare consultation with a customer of any age group, and the fundamental information required before you participate in product training with any skincare or body-care brand. Completing this course is essential for your career as a Skin Care Consultant in all retail environments that are serious about selling skincare.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

-          Describe the structural composition of the skin.

-          Identify terminology for skin conditions and disorders.

-          Describe pigment disorder.

-          Describe ageing skin.

-          Identify inflammatory skin conditions.

-          Describe conditions that can change the appearance of the skin.

-          List the analysis tools.

-          Describesteps of skin care routine.

-          Identify the categories and implements used of facial.

-          List the materials and equipment required for the facial.

-          Identify skin care products and ingredients.

-          Identifythe categories of body treatment.

-          Identifythe basic science of nutrition.


-          You will be ableto design and apply make-up to a professional standard

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