Certified Professional Teacher, CPT

From our belief in the importance of career progression and keeping our clients on the right track of development , UK-TB requires at least 3 years of experience or being certified from an international organization as a Practitioner Teacher. 

What will you learn?

1.     Bullying

·          Define Bullying and identify why bullies do what they do

·          Build a shield against bullies and react effectively

·          Create an anti-bullying workplace

2.     Child Protection

·        Define who is a child and how to develop an appropriate protection

·        Identify abuse, its impact and how to respond and prevent

3.     Developmental Psychology

·        Utilize key concepts :( life span development, attachment and separation, cognitive development, social and moral development, adolescence and adulthood, ageing in developmental psychology).

·        Apply these key concepts to different situations in everyday life

·        Know the main methods of research used in developmental psychology with examples

4.     Managing Disruptive Behavior

·        Teach expected behaviors

·        Diagnose why students misbehave, the influence of culture and how discipline is applied

·        Consider different types of punishment, its consequences with sample worksheets

5.     Motivation

·        Understand common motivational theories and how to apply them

·        Use different types of motivators and create a motivational climate

·        Design a motivating job

6.     Use of ICT

·        Exploit ICT in education

·        Recognize the benefits of ICT to improve students’ memories, explain complex instructions, create interactive classes and make lessons more enjoyable.

7.     Assessment

·        Know various types of testing techniques.

·        Prepare and design for testing methodology

·        Asses' strategies.

8.     Communication Strategies

·        Identify common communication problems that may be holding you back

·        Develop skills to ask questions and to enhance active listening.

·        Deal with situations assertively

·        Enhance your ability to handle difficult situations

9.     Public Speaking – Presentation Survival School

·     Establish rapport with your audience and Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear

·     Recognize how visual aids can create impact and retention

·     Prepare, practice, and deliver a short presentation

·     Develop techniques to increase a professional presence

10.  School Wellness

·        Research Supports School Wellness

·        Healthy Classroom Party Ideas                   

·        Cafeteria Connection – Take a Field Trip Down the Hall

·        Parents Can Support Schools in Creating a Healthy Environment.

·        Have Students Take Initiative with Fuel Up To Play 

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