Due to the professional career development opportunities that we provide, we have acquired a large number of members in a short space of time.

Each of our valued members receives:

  • A UK-TB membership Certificate
  • A membership ID showing their name and membership number.
  • A profile on the UK-TB website.
  • Free access to download and the latest training materials.
  • A discount of 30% on all purchases in the electronic library.
  • The use of the UK-TB Logo on their business card.
  • Invitations to join our conferences and workshops in the United Kingdom.


For those who are interested in becoming a member, kindly visit our website and follow these simple steps:

  • Fill in the application form and upload it with your qualifications (These will be examined and feedback given to you via email).
  • Complete the payment right now of $500 for 2 years membership.
  • You will receive your accreditation documents within 10 working days

Membership Process: