Certified Teacher for Early Childhood, CTEC

    This training Program will help educators to:

·        Create a clean, safe and user-friendly place for early childhood care and activities.

·        Provide age-appropriate education-based stimulation for children under six years of age.

·        Make use of existing resources within the community.

·        Transform their own perspectives towards children and early childhood education

 in order to create or strengthen valuable, sustainable and local-based knowledge, which  is able to combine current research on children’s development and early childhood  education with knowledge regarding specific Timorese challenges or issues the children   and their educators face on a daily basis.

     During this programme you will learn:

- Introduction to Childhood Development

- Introduction to Physical Development

- Motor Development

- Nutrition and Safety in Childhood

- The Role of Play in Childhood

- Introduction to Mental Development

- Piaget's Preoperational stage and symbolic Thought            

- Speech

- Zone of proximal development

- Introduction to Emotional Development                     

- Basic Theories and Principles of Child Development 

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