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Sales planning is a key skill that all salespeople need to master. Frank Atkinson, managing Director of the Sales Training Consultancy, Takes you through the key planning principles. Planning to hit target, producing your personal sales plan, planning for meetings with customers, managing your time, planning to negotiate and planning your cold calling time and activities. This book is a must for all salespeople. By mastering the art of planning you will be able to break down your sales target and be a more successful salesperson.

Content :- 

Sales planning

1. Introduction to planning
1.1 Why planning is important
1.2 Why salespeople avoid planning
1.3 Planning to hit target
1.4 Planning for the short, medium and long term
1.5 Your manager as a planning resource

2. Sales planning to hit target
2.1 Planning basics
2.2 The Pareto principle
2.3 Key ratios
2.4 Lead times
2.5 Putting together your personal sales plan
2.6 Sales plan example. ABC Printing Ltd.

3. Other types of planning in sales
3.1 Planning to manage your time
3.2 Case study. Donald’s day
3.3 Planning to prospect and book appointments
3.4 Planning meetings with customers
3.5 Planning to negotiate



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