Management Basics

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  • What does a manager really do? What is a manager supposed to do? What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

    This book outlines the challenging role of the manager. The main topics such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling are covered, as well as issues such as competitive advantage, team structure, business ethics, trust and flowcharting.

    Each section concludes with a comment about the not-for-profit sector. While there are many similarities between the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, there are also differences. These comparisons are explored in some detail.

    Each section of the book starts with a running case to bring the material to life.

    In addition, there are questions and research opportunities at the end of each section in the text. There are also supplemental questions to the text, and a PowerPoint summary to accompany the text.

  • Content :-
  • Management basics

    1. Management basics – Calm Seas case

    2. The Manager’s job
       1 Management functions
       2 Management roles
       3 Management skills
       4 Not-for-profit note
       5 Questions for the manager’s job

    3. Planning – Calm Seas case

    4. Planning in the organization
       1 Competitive advantage
       2 Strategic planning process
       3 SWOT analysis
       4 Stakeholders
       5 Factors inside the organization
       6 Factors outside the organization
       7 Grand Strategy
       8 Mission statements
       9 Action/implementation plan
       10 Not-for-profit note
       11 Strategic planning diagram
       12 Questions for organizational planning section

    5. Organizing – Calm Seas case

    6. Organizing the organization
       1 Structure follows strategy
       2 Bureaucracy
       3 Authority – staff and line
       4 Bureaucratic structures
       5 “Rules” of a bureaucracy
       6 Disadvantages of a bureaucracy
       7 Changing the bureaucratic structure
       8 The rise of the “group” structure
       9 Not-for-profi t note
       10 Checklist for Team or Group Effectiveness
       11 Questions for organizing section

    7. Leading – Calm Seas case

    8. Leading in the organization
       1 Leader vs. manager
       2 Leadership theories
       3 Knowing what kind of manager/leader to be
       4 Motivation Theories and Concepts
       5 Content Theories of motivation
       6 Process Theories of motivation
       7 Maslow
       8 Expectancy Theory of Motivation explained in simple terms
       9 Equity Theory explained in simple terms
       10 What do employees want?
       11 Motivation summary
       12 Not-for-profit note
       13 Motivation exercise
       14 Questions on leadership/motivation section

    9. Control – Calm Seas case

    10. Control in the organization
       1 What does “control” mean?
       2 What kinds of controls?
       3 Measure what matters
       4 What will we monitor?
       5 Flowcharting
       6 Critical path planning
       7 Not-for-profit note
       8 Questions on the controlling function

    11. For further reading

    12. Definition of terms


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