Business Information Management

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Information management is vital for today’s businesses. It requires significant investment and supports critical business processes. With the proliferation of the information economy and information systems, effective information management determines success of virtually every business operation. The aim of this book is to assist managers in becoming knowledgeable decision makers in the field of information management and analysis.

Content :-

  • Introduction to Information Management
    1. Data and Informat ion
    2. Organi sing Data
    3. Information Everywhere
    4. Strategy and Information Systems
    5. Data Processing Software in an Enterprise
    6. Summary
    7. Review Questions
    8. Case Study: Walmart Harnesses RFID Technology to Improve Efficiency
  • Relational Data Model and SQL
    1. Scenario - Dream Destinations
    2. The Relational Model
    3. The SELECT statement
    4. Exercises
    5. Summary
  • Data Defi nitio n in SQL
    1. Data Definition Language (DDL)
    2. Dina Manipulation Language (DML)
    3. Exercises - DDL and D.\tL activities
    4. Summary
  • Advanced Selection Queries
    1. Ordering results
    2. Selecting Specific Rows
    3. Exercises - Order As and Selection
    4. Summary
  • Joining Tallies
    1. Cartesian Product
    2. Exercises - Join. Selection and Projection
    3. Summary
  • Functions, Aggregate and Group-set Functions
    1. Functions
    2. Aggregate Functions
    3. Nested Sub-queries
    4. Exercises
    5. Summary
  • Information secorttv Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Internet Security Threats: Known, Unknown and Predicted
    3. Brand Protection on the Internet
    4. Compliance Issues
    5. Prameworks for Control and Security: COBIT, ITIL', and ISO 27002
    6. Exercises

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