Advanced Project Management

    It’s easy to forget the “manager” part of your “project manager” title among the other range of activities you are responsible for. However, your management skills are an important part of your success as a project manager, so it is crucial that you grow both of those skill sets. There are also some advanced project management techniques that you can master to help bring your projects to successful completion.

What Will Students Learn?

•  Think critically when choosing a project team

•  Make the best of an assigned project team

•  Help teams move through various stages to become a high-functioning unit

•  Maximize productivity at team meetings

•  Reward and motivate your team

•  Develop and execute a communication plan

•  Communicate with sponsors and executives more effectively

•  Identify strategies for working with problem team members

What Topics are Covered?

•  Choosing the project team

•  Building a winning team

•  Managing team meetings

•  Easy ways to reward your team

•  Developing a communication plan

•  Communicating with sponsors and executives

•  Dealing with problem team members