Net Working for Success

   Business networking is an effective and efficient way for business people to connect, develop meaningful relationships, and grow their businesses. These achievements don’t come through a direct sales approach, however. They come from being interested in helping others, in listening, and in purposefully meeting and introducing people to one another. In this two-day course, you’ll learn the essential ingredients for business networking, including in-person, people-centered connections and online spaces such as LinkedIn

What Will Students Learn?

Introduce yourself in a meaningful, memorable way, even if you’ve never worked on an elevator pitch before

Be goal focused about networking so that you make the most of events you attend

Apply the concept of give first and be helpful as part of a system of reciprocity

Use strategy and systems in order to network effectively

• Leverage the availability and usefulness of the Internet, including LinkedIn and Twitter

What Topics are Covered?

Assessing your networking skills

Identifying opportunities and customizing your approach

Creating a positive first impression

Your memorable intro

Starting the conversation

The handshake

Business cards

Handling tough situations

Following up

Organizing your network

• Leveraging the internet