Onboarding ( The Essential Rules for Successful Onboarding )

    Did you know that most employees decide to leave a job within their first 18 months with an organization? When an employee does leave, it usually costs about three times their salary to replace them. You can greatly increase the likelihood that a new employee will stay with you by implementing a well-designed onboarding program that will guide the employee through their first months with the company. This two-day workshop will explore the benefits of onboarding, show you how to design an onboarding framework, give you ways to customize the program for different audiences (including managers and executives), and demonstrate how to measure results from the program. (Statistics from a 2007 study by the Wynhurst Group)

What Will Students Learn?

Define onboarding and describe how it is different from orientation

Identify the business benefits of onboarding

List the factors that contribute to a successful onboarding program

Build a team to create an onboarding program

Prepare a vision statement and goals for an onboarding program

Design a framework for an onboarding program that includes program setup,

  various types of training, games, progress tracking, follow-up

Customize your onboarding framework

Identify which metrics you should track to evaluate program results

• Create a branded, unique program 

What Topics are Covered?

Defining Onboarding

Creating the Onboarding Steering Team

Gathering Supporting Information

Setting Goals

Developing the Program

A Personal Onboarding Plan

• Customizing the Framework

Measuring Results

Branding the Program

Onboarding Executives

Understanding Employee Engagement

Ten Ways to Make Your Program Unique

Fun and Games

• Case Study Analysis