Blanced Scorecard Basics

    Over the past several decades, organizations have come to realize that success cannot only be measured in dollars and cents. Intangible assets (like a company’s reputation, the knowledge base created by their employees, and training initiatives) can make up a huge portion of a company’s wealth. It only makes sense, then, that we need a new tool to help us measure this expanded definition of success. Enter the balanced scorecard! This tool and its related components will help your organization identify, document, plan, and execute a balanced strategic mission. It will also help your organization evaluate and revise its strategic execution.

This one-day workshop will introduce you to the basics of the balanced scorecard and help you determine if this powerful tool is a good fit for your organization.

What Will Students Learn?

•  Define what the balanced scorecard is and its benefits

•  Describe common balanced scorecard pitfalls & how to avoid them

•  Determine if the balanced scorecard is right for your organization

•  Describe the key elements of the balanced scorecard process

•  Identify a strategy map, tactical action plan, and balanced scorecard

•  Create a vision statement for the balanced scorecard

•  Understand what corporate values, mission statements,

   and vision statements are and how they tie into the balanced scorecard

•  Understand what processes support the balanced scorecard 

What Topics are Covered?

•  Understanding the balanced scorecard

•  The ingredients for success

•  Overview of the balanced scorecard process

•  Creating a project vision statement

•  Understanding organizational mission, vision, and values

•  Plans and processes to build

•  Building balanced scorecard teams