Conference and Event Management

   Although it does take plenty of creativity to design an event that is memorable and meaningful, it also takes careful attention to detail, adaptability, effective delegating, and a lot of work. This two-day course will walk you through the process of event management, from the beginning stages of planning, to the final touches (like decorations, food, and music). While this course is specifically for corporate event planning, the elements here can also be applied to more personal event planning. Essentially, we’re creating an effective and well planned design that is ready for implementation and can be used over and over again.

What Will Students Learn?

Plan a complete corporate event, including an agenda, budget, goals, venue, audience, food, and whatever else your client needs

Keep your event on budget

Design an advertising and marketing plan that includes a comprehensive use of media, take-aways, and/or swag bags

Determine whether partners, sponsors, and volunteers can help to make your event unforgettable

Create an atmosphere of service that delegates will remember

Select speakers and a master of ceremonies to add impact to your event

Create a diversity plan

• Evaluate the process once it's all wrapped up

What Topics are Covered?

Event planning essentials

Budgeting basics and managing contracts

Using the committee approach

Connecting with partners and sponsors

Advertising and marketing

Selecting the venue

Feeding the masses and business etiquette

Celebrating diversity

Selecting speakers and a master of ceremonies

Adding the finishing touches

Event day roles

• Closing the event and gathering feedback