Managing Across Cultures

    Our culture defines many aspects of how we think, feel, and act. It can be challenging for managers to bridge cultural differences and bring employees together into a functioning team. This course will give supervisors and managers easy-to-use techniques for communicating across cultures, building teams, promoting multiculturalism in the organization, and leveraging the global talent pool.

What Will Students Learn?

•  Define what culture is and how it shapes the workplace

•  Identify how stereotypes shape our perception

•  Develop useful cross-cultural attitudes

•  Communicate effectively across cultures

•  Effectively manage employees from different cultures

•  Help teams overcome cross-cultural and virtual barriers

•  Promote acceptance and awareness in your organization to help create a multicultural environment

•  Leverage the global talent pool

What Topics are Covered?

What Is Culture?

Communicating Effectively

Team Building Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures

Building a Multicultural Organization

• Working with the Global Talent Pool