Infant Nutrition

Infant Nutrition Course 

This course provides information about the nutrition and health status of Infants.
This is only a guideline. Every baby is different. Some babies will develop at a slower pace while others will develop more quickly.



After completing this module you will be able to:

·         Describe normal growth and development of infants.

·         List factors influencing growth and development of infants.

·         Identify baby behaviors to help mothers understand baby’s needs.

·         Identify breastfeeding as the foundation of good infant feeding Practices.

·         Describe expected feeding skills for given ages.

·         Recognize appropriate and inappropriate feeding practices.

·         Describe common infant feeding concerns and identify solutions to these problems.

·         Describe guidelines for formula preparation.

·         List key recommendations for infant health care, safety, and Concerns.

·         Identify indicators of nutritional need and specify conditions for an Infant’s WIC eligibility.

·         In a case study situation, assess an infant’s growth pattern, Biochemical, clinical and dietary status.

·         In a role-play situation, interview the caregiver of an infant, assess the infant’s nutritional status, prioritize needs and provide individual Education.