Employee Dispute Resolution ( Mediation through Peer Review )

    Have you ever been in a workplace situation where a supervisor has made a decision that you didn’t agree with? Did you wish that you could ask someone else what they thought of the decision; whether they would have done the same thing? The peer review process offers employees just that chance, using a formalized procedure to ask, consider, and resolve just these sorts of questions. This one-day workshop will teach you everything you need to know about employee dispute resolution through mediation

What Will Students Learn?

What the peer review process is

A process for employees to file grievances and for management to respond

How to choose a facilitator and panel

What is involved in the hearing process, from preliminary meetings to the hearing, and the decision process

What responsibilities and powers a panel should have

How to apply professional questioning and probing techniques

• Why peer review panels fail and how to avoid those pitfalls

What Topics are Covered?

What is peer review?

Initiating the process

The peer review panel

Asking questions

The peer review process

Panel walk through

• Why does the process fail?