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  • Many businesses are using social media these days to enhance or support their business functions, however most ignore business blogs in favour of the more popular networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. A business blog is a very powerful and versatile tool that, along with its own numerous benefits, can also be used to effectively harness the power and reach of other social media. This book discusses why businesses need a blog and then goes on to explain how to go about creating, maintaining and promoting it.

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1 Basics of Blogs
1.1 What is a Blog?
1.2 History of Blogs
1.3 Classification of Blogs
1.4 Who Can Blog
1.5 Why do People Read/Write Blogs
1.6 How Does a Blog Work

2 Business Blogs
2.1 What is a Business Blog?
2.2 Categories of Business Blogs
2.3 Positive Indicators to Start a Business Blog

3 Why Businesses Should Blog

4 Benefits of Business Blogs

5 Planning The Business Blog

6 Creating a Business Blog
6.1 Choosing a Blogging Service
6.2 Creating the Blog
6.3 Other Essential Elements of a Blog

7 Start Blogging
7.1 Essentials of a Great Blog Post

8 Content Ideas For The Business Blog

9 Rules/Guidelines for Business Blogs

10 Google’s Insight Into Good Content

11 How To Enhance Your Blog

12 How To Promote Your Business Blog

13 Monitor Blog Performance


14 Free Handy Tools
14.1 Domain Name for Blog
14.2 Google Webmaster Tools
14.3 Google Analytics
14.4 Google Traffic Estimation Tool
14.5 Google Website Optimiser
14.6 Hit Counters
14.7 Google Alerts
14.8 Google Suggest
14.9 FeedBurner
14.10 Scribefire

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